Saturday, February 11, 2012

The 100th Day of School

The 100th Day of school flew by. I like to consider it a school holiday, a day all about celebrating being 100 days smarter. We had so much fun completing many activities. First, all my little sweeties came in dressed as if they were 100 years old. They were hilarious! I wish I could post pictures of them for you with their gray hair, glasses, canes, boys with clip on ties, and the girls with their white gloves and pearls! They were precious, but my school is very strict about posting pictures online and my job is more important to me than sharing pictures- sorry!
 We started the day with all of the students walking in under our big door decoration that said "You are 100 Days Smarter!" This began the day with some excitement about the 100th day. We also started off our day with this: from The Kinder Polka Dot Patch
 Later, in circle time, we all crowded around our giant "cheese pizza" and began to put on our 100 toppings to make it a 100th Day Supreme Pizza! The students loved getting to pick out their favorite toppings and put them on our pizza.
 We also got some extra practice on fine motor skills by cutting out 100 gumballs for our giant gumball machine. The, table by table, the students got to glue their colorful gumballs onto our machine. Both the pizza idea and the gumball idea (and quotes) are from Julie Lee at

We got to write about what we would buy if we had $100 dollars and we got to write about one big thing we have learned how to do in the past 100 days.

Can't wait until next year!

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