Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Last week for Mother's Day we made these beautiful portraits for our Mom's. The students got to pick out their mom's skin color and hair color to make a portrait of their mom. We used scrapbook paper for their mom's clothes and little jewels for their mom's jewelry. They did a great job! I love how a few of them added waves to their mom's hair! 

After they made their portraits, they had to write one nice thing for their mom to read. It could either be about their mom or to their mom. I am so proud of how well they did with these!

This one says "Mom thank you for all the things you do." So sweet!

"Mom thank you for giving kisses." I love that sweet message! I also love how she added in her mom's "highlights".

"My mom is beautiful and she is nice and funny."

"I love you mom and you are beautiful."

They had a lot of fun making these and I definitely enjoyed seeing the finished products!!

Also, for Teacher Appreciation Week I got the most adorable presents from one of my student's (or his mom, really) and wanted to share the idea for the gift! It is something I will definitely use and maybe even make this gift for someone else!

This gift was a little popcorn bucket with popcorn and candies you might find at a movie theater inside. It also had a little gift certificate to go see a movie. It was so simple but so cute and is definitely something everybody likes!


  1. The Mother's Day pictures are sooo cute!!! Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower. I am your newest follower and new to blogging too!!! Precious blog!
    Third Grade Love

  2. I am also a Catholic school teacher---teaching in a Catholic school for the last 16 years! I am looking forward to reading your blog.