Monday, March 26, 2012

Hidden Easter Eggs Day One!

Today was the first day of our hidden Easter eggs with mysterious problems inside. This was a HUGE hit with the kiddos. They were hidden around the classroom in pretty obvious places today (tomorrow will be harder hee hee!). I made the mistake of sending my boyfriend the pictures of where they were hidden only to get the response "I know they're in kindergarten, but you could've made it a LITTLE harder!"  Hopefully tomorrow they are up for more of a challenge! Here are the pictures of them hidden around the room:
This one in our Sharpened Pencil basket

This one sitting in Brian Broccoli's lap. Brian Broccoli is our stuffed vegetable my little ones get to snuggle with when they are reading in our classroom library.

Now this looks more obvious than it actually is! This "extra crayon box" is hidden under one of our tables for centers until a child needs to borrow an extra crayon. They would only see it if they needed to borrow one.

This one was in our Go-Home folder box for when the students arrive. The first thing they do when they come in is unpack their folder and put it in this box, so needless to say this was the first egg found!

This one was in our container of foam building blocks, also out of the way from where they would typically find it. This one was the last one found :)

Inside the eggs is a problem the students had to answer. It was either a reading problem or a math problem. If they got the answer right, they got a little mini prize :) 

Hope you all enjoyed this, more to come tomorrow along with *hopefully* pictures of my classroom.