Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter!

This whole week (Monday-Wednesday) we celebrated Easter before we left for our Easter Break (woohoo!). We made Easter Egg "Stained Glass" art projects to hang up in our windows. These are similar to our "Stained Glass" crosses we made during Catholic Schools Week. It is hard to tell from the picture, but the template was made from a deep purple cardstock which we then put contact paper on one side, let the kiddies put cut up pieces of tissue paper on them to decorate, and then covered the other side with contact paper again. I wish there hadn't been a strange glare that makes everything look so dark, but they ended up turning out very cute!

Then we had our Easter Egg hunt. The children in my class all have numbers they are assigned to which helped to make filing their papers, changing centers, etc easier. Prior to the hunt, I labeled all of the eggs with each child's number. This made the hunt a little more challenging. Instead of just running around grabbing every egg in sight, they had to go find the eggs that had their numbers on them. This also helped me make sure everyone had the same number of eggs.

Two of the boys checking their numbers :)

One of my boys checking the numbers.

Then came the highlight (for me!)- our Easter Cross lollipops. Each student got to make their own cross lollipop. I swear, they were more excited about this than the Easter Egg hunt because it was something they've never done before. They were super easy to make too! The kids picked out 5 Jolly Ranchers, put them in a cross formation on the shiny side of aluminum foil, and we baked them in the oven on 325 degrees for 6 minutes. When they were done, I pushed the sticks into the melted Jolly Ranchers and gave them a little twist. Once they cooled down, we put them in sandwich baggies, and tied them with cute ribbon


 I cannot take credit for this wonderful idea, it came from

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