Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Science and Social Studies Units

Good morning ya'll! One of the many things I am trying to accomplish this summer before school and grad school start back up is to tweak all of my science and social studies units. I teach science and social studies through a lot of integration and they are our main focus for a few weeks at a time. I am just curious what ya'll teach as your units?!

My favorite that I teach in social studies is without a doubt my unit on mail/post office. It is SO much fun and we are very lucky to have a post office right around the corner to visit for a field trip! We write several letters to our parents and the students LOVE when their parents write back to them at school!! 

My favorite science unit is hands down zoo animals because I just adore everything about animals. I get very excited about this unit and my enthusiasm definitely transfers to my kiddos. 

So I am just curious, what are your favorite science or social studies units that you teach?? I would LOVE to stop by your blogs and check out some pictures of them! 

Also, if you haven't already seen these adorable science journals from Mrs. Bell at A Place Called Kindergarten, you have to check them out. She is fabulous! 

I love so much that all of your blogs keep me excited to go back to school in the fall!! 


  1. I love to teach forensic science! We have a crime scene, a mystery to solve about our missing mascot (bear), and next year, we will have some crime scene investigators visit.


    1. That sounds like so much fun!! Thank you for passing that along :)

  2. Our district is fine tuning our units this summer...so can't wait to share our new updates.

  3. I love doing the one for Earth Day :)
    I'm a new follower.

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

  4. I enjoy so many of our theme units - but this past year we did one on owls and the kids really enjoyed it. I also always get a kick out of learning all about and doing activities with pumpkins.
    Spotlight on Kindergarten