Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Monday Made It... On Wednesday?!

I was all excited that I had another Monday Made It to post but somehow this week has completely gotten away from me. Here we are and it is already Wednesday- I am certainly NOT complaining!!! Is anyone else's week going this fast?? We have been so busy making all of our Christmas crafts and hunting down our gingerbread man (who ran out of the oven by the way, gingerbread men tend to do that apparently :) ). Here are a few pictures of the many things I have made either at home or in class this with my kiddos this week:

 Earlier this week I had to make cookies for my end of the semester grad school party. I saw these adorable cookies last year on Pinterest and took the lazy way out put my own little twist on them-- pre-made dough instead of making it from scratch! These are peanut butter cookies with chocolate covered pretzels as antlers and M&Ms as eyes and a nose. Just pop them in the oven to bake, take them out, decorate while they are still hot and voila- reindeer cookies!

Last week with our prayer partners we made these mangers to kick off our study of Advent and our excitement for Christmas:

They ended up on our bulletin board in the hall with some of the lyrics from "Away in a Manger". When it gets closer to Christmas we will make little Baby Jesus crafts to tuck into our mangers... so cute!

We also made these Christmas trees as one of our centers this week. I had all of the pieces set out on my kidney table and they had to follow step by step directions to complete it. All of you kindergarten teachers know how difficult following directions can be sometimes!! It was very challenging for some of my little ones to determine which piece was the longest just by looking at them. They had to set them all next to each other to figure it out. They built their trees from the bottom up, cut out their star, and then decorated with "snow" (white paint) using a Q-tip. As you can see we had some with just a few snowflakes and then some who made an all out blizzard!

Two more things that we are doing in class to celebrate Advent/Christmas are our chocolate Advent calendar and our countdown to Christmas chain. Every day we pick out our next chocolate and talk about the shape of the chocolate and what that symbol represents and we cut one more ring off our countdown to Christmas chain. Needless to say, we are super excited about Christmas in K2!

I hope you all have a great rest of the week!!

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  1. Wow! You've made so much:) Love all of it:) Those cookies are too cute:) Thanks for linking up:)

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