Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Resolution Linky

Oh my goodness- I feel like I dropped off the face of the blogging earth there for awhile!! The entire month of December absolutely C-R-A-Z-Y! Every single day there was one thing after another to do. If I wasn't staying at school late preparing for lessons/parties/Christmas programs I was rushing off to some sort of wedding appointment- flowers, DJ, cake tastings (ok-- I could actually go to a cake tasting every day of the week and not be sick of it). My desk at school was a disaster and my apartment was even worse- whew! 

I am finally getting back into the swing of things and I am looking forward to 2013... it is gonna be a great year ya'll!! I am soooo looking forward to becoming a Mrs. AND having my Master's Degree.

I saw this adorable linky party from Jen at the Teacher's Cauldron and thought it would be the perfect fun way for me to get back into the mood for school. 

First lets start with blogging resolutions, because those are shorter :) I really am hoping to COMPLETE at least 8 posts a month... thats only 2 per week.. totally doable right?? I am also hoping to comment on all of these blogs I stalk frequently look at ;)  I know how happy I get when I get a sweet comment on my blog, so why not make other people smile with a sweet comment? It only takes two minutes of my time and if it makes somebody else happy, then it is totally worth it.

Personal resolutions
Well with my wedding being 195 days, 1 hour, 8 minutes and 10 seconds away (but who's counting??) I am hoping to force myself, yes FORCE myself, to go to yoga at least 3-4 times a week. My fiance and I are both trying to get into better shape so we came up with an idea... the workout jar!

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and then we modified it to make it a little more competitive, and therefore motivating. 
1. My fiance and I are each going to take out $75 cash in singles (hold the strip club jokes please!) starting January 1st and decorate our own Mason jar. Let's be honest... when I say "decorate" for him, I mean write his name on it in Sharpie. 
2. Then, each time we work out for at least 45 minutes, we get to put $1 in our jar. 
3. By the time we get to our pre-determined date, the person who has the most money in their jar gets to keep the money in BOTH jars and go spend it on something they wouldn't normally spend it on.

This will hopefully work really well for us because we are both super competitive, in a good way. This will motivate us to want to work out more, so we get to put another dollar in that jar. I will let you know how it goes!

My other personal resolution is to keep my head above water for the next 17 weeks before my graduation. It sounds like a long time, but I have a lot of work to do and I know it will go by SUPER fast. Hopefully by being organized and tackling things off my grad school to-do list one week at a time I will be able to do it all without going crazy.

Now it is your turn to go link up!!


  1. I love your workout money jars idea! I think I may need to do this as well.

    Keep in touch,

  2. I just love the jars! So stinking cute! Good luck with planning your wedding. Best wishes on the 2013 resolutions!