Friday, August 3, 2012

Alaska and a Little More Back to School Prep!

You know you are a blog addict when you are on vacation and can't wait to get online and post to your blog!! We did not have very strong internet access on our cruise (and it was SUPER expensive) so I had to wait until we got to our lodge in Talkeetna, Alaska to post and I have been going a little bit crazy! Well first let me tell ya'll that if you have never been to Alaska, you have to come at least once in your life. It is absolutely beautiful and so much of the nature up here is still untouched and unaltered. So without further ado, let me go ahead and share a few pictures!!
 This was the view from our hotel in Vancouver, B.C. where our cruise took off. The floatplanes that you see out in the harbor are EVERYWHERE up here. One of our tour guides joked that the floatplane is Alaska's state bird :) I also thought it was so funny that the building out in the middle of the harbor is a gas station to fill up your boat! I have definitely never seen that before!
This was just a pretty little creek we passed while walking from where our ship docked into Skagway, Alaska. I thought it was pretty and I would share :)

And then this is the beautiful Hubbard Glacier that we woke up to one morning off the side of our ship. I feel so blessed to be able to see a part of God's Earth I've never seen before. I have about three hundred more pictures (literally!) I could post but figured I would spare ya'll the family photos and move on to what's next...

What I've been pinning! Yes, even though I've been on vacation, I've still been pinning... I need to go to Pinterest Anonymous! Anywho, here are some of my favorites:

This is an adorable gift for parents that the kids can make for Open House. It is a pizza box that can hold some of their projects and has their handprints on it. Cheap and adorable? Yes, please!

This one doesn't have much of a picture but it is a great game. Every day there is a "Hundred's Chart Thief" who comes and steals a few numbers from the chart. The other students have to raise their hands to tell which numbers are missing. I can only imagine the excitement over being the "Hundred's Chart Thief"!

Well let me just say an huge THANK YOU to Ms. Pasqua for this post because ya'll, you can buy pre-made pom poms! This just saved me a lot of grief because I am not nearly as crafty as the rest of ya'll!! I have attempted and failed quite a few pom poms and was stressing about how to make these for my classroom. She got them from Party City.

And last but not least, "Fishin for Addition!" I don't think that is actually what the original pinner called it but I thought it was catchy. Your students catch two numbers using a magnet and add them together. So simple yet so fun!

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  1. Wow those glaciers, mountains,etc are beautiful! I would really love to go on a cruise to Alaska..Thanks for the shoutout! I'm not too crafty either and I'm so glad I found those poms :)