Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back in the Classroom!!

I headed into school today to start getting my room all organized because believe it or not, we start back to school meetings on Monday. It is amazing to me that I was there for a few hours, yet my room looks like I hardly got anything done! I will be back in again over the weekend to add some more touches to it. If possible, I would like to be COMPLETELY done with decorating before Monday so all I have to worry about is beginning of the year paperwork and planning from then on out. Once you see the pictures though, you will notice I definitely have my work cut out for me!! It may be time to bring in my mom and sister for a little help!

Here is the before picture of the back of my room. My desk was off to the left, computers on an old ugly table in the middle, and a hodgepodge of colors on the bulletin boards. 

I changed all of the bulletin board paper to blue which will go with my rainbow border theme (from this post). I also got rid of the ugly table and put one of the white ones with the green legs where the computers go. I changed the right back corner into our art center with our easel and one of our art tables. All of the art supplies are  on the shelves back there. I also changed how may desk faces and moved my kidney table to the left for guided reading. I wanted so badly to just get rid of my desk but my principal said I had to keep it because there was no more room in storage :( One of my goals this year is to have a clutter free classroom (or as clutter free as possible) and it would've helped to have that big old hunk of junk out of my room! Oh well... here are the pictures!

Notice my two file cabinets that are back to back on the right side, I can't wait to paint them and hang up cute fabric and border on them like the picture below from Pinterest. One of my many projects for the weekend!

As I was leaving I took one more picture of the whole back of the room. As you can see, I definitely still have my work cut out for me!

I also made a pit stop today at Party City and picked up some of the pre-made pom poms to hang up in my room:

I also picked up this book at Lakeshore that has thematic plans for every week of the year. It had plans and handouts for all of my major units that I teach. It was a little pricey but I think it will be totally worth it!

There will be more pictures to come once I get more of my room finished, I promise!!

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