Saturday, November 17, 2012

School Updates, Wedding Updates, and Life Updates!

Oh my goodness I forgot how busy this time of year is!! Busy at school AND outside of school! For the first time in what feels like forever I have the time to sit down and make a post! 

Well first I'll start with school... We made our Thanksgiving bulletin board that we make every year where we write some of the things we are thankful for on our turkey's feathers. We also draw pictures of some of these things because it is more fun to draw a picture than write the word sometimes :)

We are still adding our feathers as we go so hopefully our turkey will look a little more full soon! Notice that double border again?? I am all about that double border this year!!!

On Thursday we had our annual Thanksgiving Program where we have adorable songs, dance moves, crafts, and snacks to share with the parents. It went VERY well and almost all of the parents came!! They made their Native American costumes with parent volunteers who came in last week and the Pilgrim costumes we keep from year to year. The students who were Pilgrim costumes were the "lucky ones" because they got to be both-- Pilgrims at the Thanksgiving Program and they get to be Native Americans whenever they want since the costume is theirs to keep!

The Native Americans have vests and hats. The vests are made from white t-shirts from Wal-Mart that a parent volunteer dyed brown and then the students decorated them with Native American symbols. The hats are the same ones from our St. Kateri craft we made last month. The Pilgrims boys are wearing Pilgrim hats and a little white collar that is hard to see because they are all in the back :( The Pilgrim girls (there is one up front on the right!) have bonnets and frilly collars. 

I wish I had thought to upload the Native American symbols page that we used for decorating but I forgot and now I am out of town... I will do it when I get back if I remember!!

Now for wedding updates.. I have a dress!! Yay!! We are finally at the point where we have checked off 37 things from our checklist... but just when you think that sounds like a lot, we still have 145 to go!! One of the things I did recently was "pop the question" to my bridesmaids/maid of honor/matron of honor. I found a cute little poem online, tailored it to fit my fiance and I, and made a cute little craft from the Cricut. 

Then, I ordered these adorable cookies from Flour Pot. Inside each cookie box you can put a card that says "Will you be my bridesmaid?", or "Will you be my maid of honor?", etc. They have a pretty big variety you can choose from but I wanted dresses. I had them frosted in the color that my bridesmaids dresses will be with purple flowers (which is what their bouquets will have).

Lastly, when they said yes (thanks God they all did!), I gave them a little bottle of champagne to celebrate. Of course I was buying all 8 bottles at the grocery store at once and who do I run into at the store, with 8 bottles of champagne in my cart, a student's parent!! Oh, the embarrassment... 

And finally, a quick little life update..

For Thanksgiving we came out to visit my sister in Hawaii!! This picture was right after it stopped raining this morning. I will take more when it is sunny later!! I will upload more pictures throughout the week of the beautiful places we will go visit. 

Have a great weekend!!