Saturday, October 20, 2012

4th Grade Prayer Partners- Saint Kateri Native American Craft

Since we are a Catholic school, we get to meet with our prayer partners (the big kids at school) at least once a month to complete a religious activity. Our class gets to work with the 4th graders because I have many students with siblings in 4th grade. Our prayer partners also sit with us when we go to mass and come to read to us (and eventually WE read to THEM!) a few times a month. My kiddos LOVE their prayer partners and love giving them hugs and waving to them every time we pass them in the hall. I also love seeing former students who I would not expect to be very nurturing rise to the occasion and work so well with a little kindergartner. Long story short- I love prayer partners!! 

Tomorrow, Kateri Tekakwitha, the first ever Native American saint will be canonized by the Catholic Church. In order to celebrate this exciting new saint, we worked with our prayer partners to make little Saint Kateri crafts. Of course, we were so busy I forgot to take pictures :( The website we got the idea from has pictures though so I will upload those since ours looked essentially the same as hers. What I love about this craft is that you can do this even if you are not Catholic- it can easily be made for Thanksgiving or for a Native American study.

 Now we did not make the vests, just the headbands due to time constraint but I thought I would post the pics of the vests anyway since they are so cute and maybe someone else will be able to do them. The headbands came out so cute-- I wish I had remembered to take pictures!! 

We found this idea through Catholic Icing, a website that has great ideas for Catholic teachers or Catholic Sunday School teachers. The website has step-by-step directions on how to create these if you would like to create your own.

Now I am off to go look at potential wedding reception venues!!! Have a great day :)


  1. Lauren,

    These are sooo cute. My husband is a deacon and is doing a homily on St. Kateri this weekend.

    Creatively your,


  2. What a fantastic link you posted! I've just spent a huge amount of time on it. Thanks for sharing! Are you full day kinder? I'm racking my mind on something we can have our kiddos collaborate on ~ I was kind of thinking something to tie into Catholic School's Week. I'll keep thinking and get in touch with you when the light bulb goes on : )
    Ms. Solano's Kindergarten