Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins!

This week we have been working on our pumpkin unit. We completed our "Getting to know our pumpkin" handout a little bit at a time throughout the week while we have investigated our pumpkin. 

 Alright, alright I admit we did not count all of the seeds in the pumpkin. When my kiddos went to music, I stashed half of them away. Thank God because we ended up counting 450 that I did keep and that took what felt like forever!!


This is our beginning sound concentration game. I made the mistake of forgetting to tell my assistant to glue the letter cards onto a different color of construction paper than the picture cards until after they were laminated- oops! So then I put stickers on the back of the letter cards and told the students to pick one with a sticker on the back and one without. This worked out pretty well until they started memorizing which letters had which sticker on the back. It was pretty clever so I couldn't even be mad :)

This was them coloring the life cycle stages before gluing them onto the green yarn "vine". I totally forgot to take a picture of the adorable vines. I will have to take some tomorrow and make a post!!

And finally, we carved our pumpkin today!! After voting using our "ballot" from my unit, we tallied the results and figured out what our pumpkin would look like. Here he is!! Pretty plain, but considering I had to carve something quickly enough to keep the attention of a bunch of 5 year olds it worked out pretty well!!

Friday is tomorrow-- woohoo!!

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