Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to School Pinterests!

How did this Christmas break go by so fast?? Every time we have a few days away from school I always find myself saying "I just need one more day!" Well this time around is NO exception. I have grown quite used to how clean my apartment is. If any of you are like me, laundry is not a priority during the school week.

So in order to get back into the spirit of school I have been pinning like crazy and found some really good stuff to share!

This teacher has the BEST ideas for word work! So many different ideas and they are all organized so well. This is definitely worth taking a look at. Click on the picture above if you want to check it out.

 This Tacky the Penguin craft is adorable!! This would look great with some sort of Tacky the Penguin writing prompt.

This melted snowman craft is so cute I know we will definitely be doing this one!! How precious would all these different snowmen look hung up in the hallway??

This is one that we are doing tomorrow actually! The link to print this off is attached to the picture so click on it if you want it too:) We love adding up the two sides of dominoes to see what the total is. These colored dominoes are too cute!

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