Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Made It and Snowman Glyph

I have finally gotten around to posting the jars that I made for my fiance and I to use as our "exercise jars". These jars that I decorated for us have to do with our New Years Resolution. Every time that we exercise for at least 45 minutes, we get to put one dollar in our jar. By the time Easter rolls around, the person with the most money in their jar gets to keep the money in BOTH jars! It is neck and neck right now!! He is only beating me by one dollar-- which is killing me that I am losing!! I am seriously considering working out for a second time today just so we can at least be tied. 

Anyway, here are our jars:
1. I started with cheap jars like these that I found at Wal-Mart for $3.99 (I think??) and then used supplies I already had at home in my craft box (which has now spilled over into three craft boxes-- I'm addicted!!)
2. I used my paint pens and a touch of ribbon to decorate our jars to make them a little more pleasant to look at and voila!

 It is amazing what a little paint, ribbon and time can do!

Onto my school "made it"... my kids actually made these last week but I forgot to take up close pictures of them. They had to write about one reason they like winter and then decorate their hot chocolate mug with a wintry scene..
 "I like hot cocoa." The picture is supposed to be of other hot chocolate mugs.
This one makes me smile.. it is a Rapunzel snowman with the caption "I like snow because I like to make snow princesses." It just warms my heart!

I love the little marshmallows they glued above their hot chocolate mugs.. although some of them are floating off :)

We also made these snowman glyphs from my "Full Year of Glyphs" packet on TPT.

You can tell how old this sign is by how simple it is! I am definitely going to have to make a new one after this year. I look at that sign and see how much I have learned in the past year about making cute documents!

Maybe some new updated signs can be next month's "Monday Made It"?!

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