Friday, January 11, 2013

Snow Much Fun in Kindergarten :)

It was soooo nice to finally have a full week of school again. No more of the choppy weeks where we are only here for 2 or 3 days. We were able to get so much accomplished this week and I could not be more proud of how hard my little kiddos were working! Here are a few of the activities we did this week:

This week I had ordered the Instant Snow from Steve Spangler's website but our Science Lab teacher beat me to it and made it with them already. So sad. Looks like I will just have to save mine for next year. This is the video from when he made his snow on the Ellen show. I love Steve and Ellen both and these two together are so much fun!


This little snowman project was one of our centers this week. The students got to pick as many squares as they wanted to make a snowman. When they were done, they had to count how many squares total they used to make their snowman and write it on the line. When they were done they could use a white colored pencil to draw snowflakes. They turned out so adorable!  

This is our hallway bulletin board. The students had to write a sentence or two or more (depending on ability) about what they like about winter. When they were done, they got to "decorate" their hot chocolate mug by drawing their wintry scene on the outside of their mug. To finish the project they got to glue a few marshmallows on top of their hot chocolate. As you can see we have quite a few floating marshmallows, I may have to be a little more specific next year ;)

Unfortunately we are about as far from actually getting snow as we can get. Today's temperature was 64 degrees and tomorrow is supposed to be 73! How are we supposed to enjoy mittens and scarves and wintry things with weather like that?!

I have so many more pictures that I should've taken this week of our work but just never got around to it. Especially our adorable snowman glyphs from my Full Year of Glyphs unit. I will be sure to come back and post a pic sometime early next week.

Have a great night... TGIF!