Saturday, February 2, 2013

Currently February!

Two posts in one day?!? I completely forgot it was Currently time earlier... time to play catch up!!

Listening...  to Hunter Hayes "Wanted". This song makes me so happy! Something about his voice is just so soothing :)

Loving... February already!?! YESSSS! Spring break is only two months away. Where is this year going?!

Thinking... Grad School graduation is right around the corner in May (alright, its not THAT close, but considering how much I still have to do, it feels like it will be here so soon!!). I still have to finish my final research project and lead a professional development at my school on top of the rest of my papers and assignments.

Wanting... to be right HERE right NOW:

Every time I get stressed with school/grad school/wedding planning, I take a look at these pictures and daydream :) It will all be worth it.

Pet Peeves... the giant mess that my apartment is becoming right now. i feel like every time I finish a load of laundry, there are three more waiting. Every time I do the dishes, a whole new stack is waiting on me. It is so hard to stay on top of cleaning sometimes!! Especially when it is at the bottom of my priority list.


  1. Oh lordy!

    Teaching, grad school and wedding planning?!?!

    I'm tired just thinking about it! :)

    Go make your drop off at Goodwill - you'll be able to cross one thing off your list. It always makes me feel better!

    :) Abby
    Third Grade Bookworm

  2. Wow! You def. have a lot going on right now! When I become overwhelmed with school and being a mommy, I just put a to do list up in my kitchen (this makes it always visible) and check things off everytime I pass the list. I put the littlest of things on there so it doesn't become a stressful matter later. :)

    Good luck with everything!


  3. Congrats on being so close to finishing grad school! And you've got the Cayman Islands to look forward to. I'm so jealous!

    Carolina Teacher