Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wrapping up unit 4 with some fun word work :)

Word work may just be one of my favorite things the students work on. I love how easy it is to make learning our sight words hands on and interactive. Last week we started wrapping up unit 4 in our reading series, Journeys. I've created a little packet of activities for the students to complete as centers. In this packet, students practice molding our sight words with play-doh, going on a sight word scavenger hunt around the room, and more.

We used letter stamps to stamp our sight words. This took them what felt like forever but they were so focused on what they were doing, you could hear a pin drop-- a teacher's dream :)

 We also love our Rainbow Write :)


We had more fun activities but I forgot to take pictures of them. You know how it goes, you plan to take pictures but then get so caught up in something else. I need to be better about that! This packet is available in my TPT store for those of you kindergarten teachers who use Journeys. Click the picture below to go to it.

Tomorrow is our 100th day of school and we are all dressing up like we are 100 years old. Our kindergarten cuteness level is about to go way off the charts!! Can't wait to show you all some pictures :)