Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Colors Unit

This week we are wrapping up our colors unit. Every day we focus on a different color and a few children are chosen to bring in show and tells of that color. For example, last week on green day one of my little girls brought in a doll from Ireland who had on a green dress. Another student brought in a green Matchbox car and another brought in a green paperweight from her house. It poses an extra challenge for them to find something in their home that fits the color they have been assigned. We also have been playing a few different games from my Colors Unit on TPT.

Here we have Color Word Memory. It is a little hard to tell from the picture, but each color word is written in the corresponding color to ensure correctness (in the picture most of them are flipped over). At this point in the year I am focusing more on my students learning how to play rather than how much information they are actually taking in. If you choose to do this unit later in the year though, the cards can be printed in black and white for an extra challenge.

In this picture the kids are practicing their handwriting by going over laminated sentence strips with Expo markers. When the are finished, they wipe them off with a tissue (I need to have them all bring in a sock!).

This one is a new favorite, the Rainbow Land game. This game is played very similar to Candy Land except instead of flipping over a color, they flip over a color word. The color word is written in the color it represents.

 Here is a closer picture of Rainbow Land... I will try to post more later in the week!

There are more pages to this unit that we have not gotten to yet. I will be sure to post more later this week!!

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