Thursday, September 27, 2012

End of Apple Unit and Centers

This week we had a short week due to our statewide Catholic Schools Conference today and tomorrow which made this week FLY by! We finished up our apple unit this week with a few last minute apple activities. We had already tasted applesauce, apple juice, and apple butter so this week we tasted apple chips. We tasted the Golden Delicious flavor. 

I will be honest with you, these were not necessarily the biggest hit, hah! Only about half of the kids said they liked them, but I figured it was something they probably have not tried before and would be an interesting new experience. 

We also made these cute crafts I found on pinterest.

Now onto CENTERS- yay! Oh my word do I LOVE centers. There was a point last year where my class could not handle the freedom and the switching of centers and so we were not able to do them for awhile. So sad. Centers is consistently one of our favorite things in kindergarten so to miss out is no fun for the students OR the teacher!

Honestly I do not know what I would do without centers. I love that they are all educational, but they are fun and they also teach my little ones how to work with each other and get along.

In my class we have a pocket chart at the front of the room with our centers for the day listed. I downloaded the adorable pictures for the centers from Deedee Wills years ago and laminated them. They fit perfectly into our chart! This chart used to be for my old calendar but then I switched my calendar over to be completely done on the Smartboard.

Have a great rest of the week!!

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