Monday, September 24, 2012

Ten Frame Class Book

This year we are really hitting those ten frames hard. I feel like they have been implemented into almost all of our math lessons so far this year. Last week we took our class pictures for our Ten Frame Class Book that my grade partner found from If you have not been to this website yet, you need to check it out. It is AWESOME! Here is what the front cover of our class book looks like:

 This font is one of my newest obsessions from Kevin and Amanda's fonts for peas. It is called Pea KT Polkie Dot.

Then, on the inside pages, we had the numeral form and ten frame representation of a number on a piece of paper with the corresponding number of students in the picture holding the paper. So for example the number one page had the paper and one child holding it.

When we were all done, I printed off the pictures on regular copy paper, put them into sheet protectors and threw the cover together real quick for our first class book of the year. My students love reading our class books and especially love to see their pictures in them!!

Do any of you make class books?? If so, what are the topics you make them on? 

Hope you all had a Magnificent Monday!

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